Carpet Installtion

Carpetino has a wide selection of carpet.  Carpetino has 2 walls of remnants as well as over 50 rolls of carpet. Our sample books provide a wider selection. Carpet in Los Angels can be delivered in 3 days, Carpet in the carpet mills on the East Coast can be delivered inn less than 2 weeks.

Tile Installation

We carry tile that matches most decors. If there is a particular style that we do not have in stock, the tile is generally delivered in 3 days from Los Angeles


Laminate is the budget friendly version of hardwood. We deliver the laminate to the installation location 3 days prior to the installation so the product can acclimate to the humidity.


Servicing Property Managers

80% of our customers are property management companies. The property managers are always trying to get a quarter out of two dimes. We work with our customers who have champagne tastes, but beer budgets.  Sometimes we have to say no to the sale. If we cannot make you the best offer the first time, we don't deserve your business.

Local Service

We have been servicing customers in Los Angeles, Santa Barbara and Ventura county since the 1980's. Out primary form of advertising is word of mouth. We keep 10 years of drawings in out files.  If your home is in a local tract, we are likely to have the floor plan in our files. If we don't have the drawing, we will come out and measure your rooms.


Next Steps...

We pride ourselves of sharing our 30+ years of experience with out customers.  Call or stop buy and talk with Tino, Mike or Manuel.